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Symbol of Town



In blue shield above 4 hills 8-eged star and silver moon.

The oldest symbol comes from 60th year 17th century by a seal from 1665 that shows bishop and mitre and pastoral staff in his right hand. From the end of 19th century is known heraldry of Hungarian K. Tagányi and a change: in blue shield on the green sward standing silver bishop.
In spite of rules heraldry creation says that hagiographical symbol are against it, town designed in 1974 a new design by Peter Püspöki Nagy. That was a golden – blue sideways divided shield, where in blue part was 5-edged red star. Waved line was saga’s – hills on the horizon around town and should by as a spoken symbol. Heavenly parts were adopted from Honty Chamber shield and half-moon symbolized a memory of Turk´s battles and the star the present.
This design was not made in heraldry form, so the committee advised town in 1984 the adjustments. Phdr. Ladislav Vrteľ made a design under heraldry conditions. The shield changed much, but heraldic form stayed. This design consisted blue shield above 4 hills 8-eged star and silver half -moon. The shield advised heraldic committee on 28th of May 1986 to its use and town authorized it on 15th of October 1987.


date: 2019-10-21

Name day of: Uršuľa

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