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Chief: Oskar RUSNÁK
Address: Tabánska 4, Šahy; mobile phone:+421 905-216233
Nr. of members: 52
Registered members: 22
Nr. of groups in competition: 3
Competitions for groups: Men Super Cup, Students Super Cup and Individuals Cup.
Movements represented by group: HONTY CUP - Hontiansky pohár
Beginnings of karate come from year 1982. In October that year Mr. Vojtech Hammersmith, originally from Zvolen, decided to establish Club for applicants of fighting karate.
Trainings were supported by Mr. Huszár and Mr. Kondáč, later Mr. Varga and Mr. Duló. In the first recruitment took part in about 70 applicants. In spite of the small Club activity, they were concentrated to the level of technical knowledge of applicants. They also were  irregularly participated in banding in Zvolen at Mr. Čaboun, not in competitions. Between 1985-1988 stagnation began. It was caused by unsuitable conditions in gym at secondary grammar school, later in small gym at primary school, where the trainings were once a week. In spite of this, number of applicants was getting down.
Change came in 1988. The KARATE Club at TJ SLOVAN –ŠAHY was established. At the same time we got an opportunity to train in a new gym T18 situated at F.Fegyevernekiho street .
In 1989 after return of Mr. Oskar Rusnák, who was well experienced from Tranava Karate Club, karate joined Slovak Karate association and its activity started to move forward.
By having regular recruitment, we got 50 new talent. Trainings for beginners were provided by Mr. Hammerschmidt, for intermediate by brothers Stranyák. We took part in banding twice a year. That was a great motivation and stability for group. After shot time, girl started to join our groups. Generally we can speak about a crisis, but for group it was a possibility to get better prospect.
In three year time, we trained up students from juniors up to seniors, all competitors, who were able to represent the TJ SAAG-ŠAHY group. We are pleased to know, that our group represented us in the competitions in Slovakia as well as against strong competitors sometimes from larger cities. The Karate Club makes a great name for ŠAHY in Slovakia as well as in abroad, too.
The Karate Club, the municipal authorities and sponsors organise tournament named "HONTIANSKY POHÁR", that is the proof all fans of this sport in ŠAHY.
Mr. O.Rusnák, Mr. Ing. V.Hammersmidt


date: 2019-10-21

Name day of: Uršuľa

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