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Dear visitors,
Welcome to the official website of Šahy. We are sure it will make you happy as its authors set i tup with a view to providing for more information about our town, about its history and present life. Recording the most importatnt events in Šahy will also serve as a message for future generations. We are all aware of the fact that without knowing our own past we cannot judge objectinely the decisions we make today, though only the future will test wheter these decisions were right or not. We are firmly convinced , that future generations will consider the events important that took place in the beginning of the third millenneum.
    Šahy is the most beatiful town for us. We love it with its good and bad points.
   We are fond of showing visitors its beaty. This website may serve them as a source of getting a deeper insight of Šahy.
   We hope that browsing this website will make everyone as happy as we are.
   All of those participating in the developing of the website deserve a big thank you – writers of chapters and parts of some institutions, organizations, groups, etc., sponsors and all those having contributed to the realization of this website.
   We wish website the with its countent contributed to strengthen the feelings of local patriotism, fellowship, and our love of Šahy.



date: 2019-10-21

Name day of: Uršuľa

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